E-Flite Blade mCX Micro Helicopter Battery RC-LP18015

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E-Flite Blade mCX Micro Helicopter Battery Features 
*Part Number:RC-LP18015
*Single cell Li-Polymer 180mAh battery.
*Capacity: 160mAh
*Voltage: 3.7V
*Discharge rate: 15C
*Dimensions: 44x12x6mm
*Direct replacement, No modification needed!
The E-Flite Blade mCX Micro Helicopter Battery fits the following Micro helicopters:
E-Flite Blade mCX Micro Heli - EFLH2200 / EFLH2300 / EFLH2280 / EFLH2380
E-Flite Blade mSR Micro Heli - EFLH3080 / EFLH3000
E-Flite Ultra-Micro 4-Site
Parkzone Sukhoi 26m Micro - PKZ3580
Parkzone P-51 Mustang Micro - PKZ3680 / PKZ3600
Parkzone Ember 2 - PKZ3480 / PKZ3400
Parkzone Vapor - PKZ3380 / PKZ3300
Parkzone Micro Citabria
Parkzone ParkZone Ultra-Micro J-3 Cub - PKZ3900
Parkzone Cessna 210 Centurion - PKZ3000
FlyZone Playmate - HCAA2550

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